LA Equine Sports - The Team
Roger Richman

Co-owner of LA Motor Sports / Power Sports / Equine.

Roger has long been recognized as a highly qualified stunt performer/coordinator with over 2000 commercials to his credit. Horses have always played a large role in Roger’s life starting with his love for the sport of Polo and all other equestrian events.

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Doriana Richman

Co-owner of LA Motor Sports / Power Sports / Equine, Doriana is as experienced with horses as she is beautiful.
Starting as a young rider in the Canadian Dressage community, Doriana has a passion for all equine disciplines.

She now makes her home in the United States where she is recognized as a top stunt professional.

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Tiger Rudge

Heading the LA Equine Sports division and managing LA Equine Global is the young female Brit who has an incredible eye for a horse, a business brain and a charismatic personality.
Tiger has broken hundreds of horses and there is nothing she can't ride.
A succesfful entrepreneur, Tiger has run a business for years before merging into the stunt world.
No job is too big, a very likeable lady who brings a little magic to each and every job.

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Ian Van Temperley

Over the past 22 years Ian Van Temperley has become a well established, talented and focused Stunt coordinator / Performer on over 160 film and TV productions world wide.
Especially well-regarded for his work as a Horsemaster, Ian is renowned for his creativity, his exceptional and devoted work ethic and his reputation for being a patient and focused leader.
Ian's versatility has meant he has been able to double a variety of successful actors such as: Tom Hanks, Jim Carey, Damien Lewis and many more on major stunt sequences in blockbuster movies.

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Tad Griffith

Specializing in: Trick Tiding, Roman Riding, Chariot Racing. Proficient in all expected stunts, including: weapons, hand to hand fight scenes, air rams, minitramps, high falls, fire burns, russian swing, bullriding, trick roping, bullwhips, horse falls, saddle falls, transfers, stirrup drags, chariot, and wagon stunts equine specialty training: equine specialty training, dressage, fire jumps, trick horses, liberty rearing horses, roman teams, chariot teams, driving teams, single through 6, principle cast horses, stunt horses, double horses, water horses... and a trained buffalo and longhorn.

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Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence a horse trainer/coordinator, has been involved with horses his whole life.
He has access and owns multiple film horses and cattle.
Special moments include working with Steven Spielberg on the ‘War Horse” film where he was responsible for the training of the Hero Horse.(see video).
Specailist in liberty horses, Bill is reliable, calm and confident in getting the desired results from all the horses he works with.

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Jordi Casares

Jordi Casaras is a Spanish stunt coordinator and second unit director with a lifetime of work dedicated to horse stunts.
Jordi's career began over 35years ago, he has extensive knowledge of horse action for tv, film and commercials, a very well respected horse master who is admired all over the world.
Jordi who speaks several different languages has a ranch in Spain with over 50 film horses, and has many more in several different country's including Mexico and South America.

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Andy Butcher

Andy Butcher has been always been a horseman. With over 25 years experience working on numerous productions with superbly trained, stunning looking horses. Andy is a qualified Stuntman who specialises in and overseeing Actor training, Stunt and Liberty Horses. With an ethical, hard working approach, Andy is a superb Horse Master and Horse Trainer with many credits to his name.

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