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July 2014

Jordi and Ian have just returned from a 6 month trip filming the feature Libertador (The Liberator).

They started with a month prep in Madrid before travelling to Venezuala for two months shooting in many locations across the country, before returning to Spain where they shot the epic battle sequences.

August 2013

Tad Griffith is one of the most well respected horse masters in the US.

His expertise was called upon recently to film the revamped Lone Ranger shot in Colarado, Utah and Mexico to name but a few.

February 2013

Jordi Casaras has just had another great trip Coordinating the Wachowski's feature Cloud Atlas in Majorca, East Germany, and Berlin.

Ian Joined him as his assistant and also doubled Tom Hanks as well as playing the part of a Kona warrior, and being cast in the part as a futuristic guard.

Jordi had one of his horses fitted with a special saddle to hold a steady cam. We think this is the first time a steady cam has been mounted on a horse and the results are breathtaking.

January 2012

Bill Lawrence has just finished working on the major feature film "war horse " as the lead trainer for the liberty horses, including the star of the show "Joey"

Filming took place In various locations, mainly the Uk