LA Equine Sports

L.A Equine Sports is dedicated to providing the entertainment and advertising industries with the most talented horsemen and women as well as their animal actor counterparts.

All LAES members have been carefully selected for their specialized knowledge, experience and vision to overcome all challenges and enhance any action sequence they encounter.

Our team members are not only horse-masters, but also stunt coordinators and 2nd unit directors presenting you with a very diversified range of skills and specialties allowing us to fulfill any production request for equine related action.

LAES team members offer countless years of experience in the largest of productions, from national commercials to feature films and television.

All of the LAES members share a real passion, which shows clearly in the end result of any project, bringing an exciting, professional and innovative result time after time.

We look forward to working with you soon.

LA Equine Sports have been working on UK ITV's 'BEOWULF' set in rural Northumberland in the North of England. They have been choreographing Viking style fight scenes, creating fast paced epic battles and horse riding sequences that have had the entire crew of Beowulf in awe.

"It's been tough at times with long days and a demand for fresh ideas", said Ian Van Temperley, "but I've loved every minute of it".

Ian has also been a 2nd Unit Director for the series on a few occasions, and has focused not only on providing a strong action packed and convincing scene, but has captured each scene in such a way the viewers will believe every second.

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